Wow. Been a while

So what's been up-I've been enjoying having a social life and free time.
We seem to be going through a spate of fire shows...
Sadly, no Mobile Renfaire this year and I totally understand why the owner finally gave up on that area. I hope he still wants us for GCRF but cross that when we come to it,

We'll probably drive to FL this year as plane fares have finally cracked a certain point. In some ways I'll enjoy it more, we can make some stops and I can pre-make cookie dough. Now if we can just crack the code on why the Prius seat gives me sciatic symptoms.

I have two blogs I have to write these days-one at my day job and the other for the troupe. I recently sent someone to this one for my opinions on Birka so I should start reblogging here. If you want a gander at the other one:

Good News Friday

Haven't done one in a while

Glad to to be healthy, happy and loved
Grateful for my job and those little things that make me feel uplifted
Yay for friends and plans!
Thankful that even when terrible people are in the world, there are those more eloquent than I who will speak out.