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Tired and sarcastic

So now we are gearing up for the Medieval German Festival. I wish I could say it’s all going according to plan, but what does? And that’s what I’ll have to say about that right now. On the flip side, if it turns out to be a big flop, the cast plans to head to the bar serving at the event and drink post festival. It will be all our friends with us, too. Win/win.

The new kid, Finbar is turning out to be what he said he is, which is a pleasant change. He really does move well, wrestle/grapple well, learn fast and juggle. He seemed surprised at my acceptance of what he could do and brought his juggling equipment to practice just to prove it to me. Before we paused to watch him work, I asked if he’d heard my “pasta theory” for Phoenix Swords.
It goes like this;
We throw it all in the strainer, apply hot water and agitation. When it is removed I look at what is left in the strainer. It’s either washed out, useless starch or pasta. Lying really isn’t going to work very well. (And yes, he really can do contact juggling and a few additional tricks.) Freon would yell
“But can you do (this)?” and he would. Entertaining.

In fact he is doing so well we decided to let him write a fight for the festival and perform it. And he is signed on to do the ISD faire with us. After that, we’ll have to look at his schedule. I suspect we will lose him to college but it will be terrific summer.

The smaller number of Phoenix members has been working pretty well. Practices since January have been more work getting done, less drama and that with a side of mayo is pretty tasty stuff. In addition, the folks who want to do historical are picking out online manuals and we’ll do an exclusive practice twice a month mid-week for those who have special projects and techniques to do.

For me, I am ducking out of the symposium. My paper is not what I wanted, there is too much going on and I would rather concentrate on my own studies. There was an unexpected bonus on Saturday when I was able to participate as safety/demo for the Fundamentals class. I found it impossible to stick to linear footwork but feel a limited guilty since it was last minute. Could have done without the five hours of sword work (and Mark probably did more than me) but Advil is your friend and I only had to take it that night.

The Shakespeare demo is rocketing in and despite making extra time to go over it, we are having some interesting adaptation issues. We start in the same positions for three weapons matchups in Silver’s Paradoxes of Defense-single sword, sword and dagger, sword and buckler. (I was a good girl and held off on the sword and buckler ;-)

It looks like twice a week will not be sufficient to get it developed in time so other items are hijacked. I’d hoped to be nothing but an organizer for MGF and it looks like I’ll be doing a fight. As I said to morgan_lafaye
“No doubt the skies will rain fire, people will run with scissors, and the creek will rise in the ½ hour I take to monitor/participate in the tourney.”

Then there is June, where once again we will be doing multiple event weekends. The difference between last year and this year is that the troupe will not hijack my life again. Fenix said that we made the running of the troupe too transparent to our performers and that we set goals that were not our personal goals to accommodate others. If anyone would like to try running their own troupe, I say
“Godspeed.” And “Enjoy.”
And make no mistake about it, I do enjoy watching people who gave us ultimatums squirm. No doubt you have heard about their many performance triumphs in the last six months or previous.
The sad part is that for at least five of them I emailed out the names of potential other employers. Fenix tells me I make it too easy for them. Despite that, the fired/laid off have not been hired by other troupes.
*drums fingers*
*sigh,* Yeah.
At least 15 troupes/groups in a 100-mile radius. Phoenix is not recruiting a la Khmer Rouge so I can only guess that if people want to stay they must LOVE the troupe.

Well I love the work the troupe is doing and since it’s our wallet, that’s a good thing
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