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Haven’t written in a while, not because of lack of trying :)

Two things to be happy about: Sword class and Phoenix Faire.

First, Mark Millman and Patri Pugliese will be teaching combat saber. This should be especially great for any pirates out there with cutlass-type weapons. That’s pretty cool since they will be doing a class at Higgins, a class in western MA and –offered to do one in Clinton,MA with Phoenix Swords. We’d have to pay the same as anyone else (and it will be open to other people since the new space is pretty cavernous) I just have to work out a date with them so that we can actually take the class!

Secondly, we just signed on three more performers for MGF (actually more) but Patri and the rest of the Pugliese family have agreed to come and do Ring Dances at the faire with the patrons. He goes to Vienna every year to teach there! The whole family is coming so it’s double excellent and really underscores “family faire.” I feel a little bad about this but not so bad that I’ll say “no.” to that kind of talent.

David is going to try and convince more members of “Drunken Badgers” to come and try out new material at the festival. This is just another of the “never seen before here and probably never seen again here” acts.

Oakenguy is also calling out a lot of friends that I’m betting will blow the socks off Western MA.

Once we’ve paid for the plane tickets, that’s it, no going back. The event happened about a year earlier than planned but I’m stunned that we had such response. It seems a little unbelievable at times. I have to detach and take it in bite-sized chunks so it doesn’t scare the crud out of me. Since spring is finally here we can start painting signs and doing measurements/reconfiguration.

I also wanted to say that we received our fire permit for Agawam! Some of you are saying “big whoop” but we live in one of the most anal retentive states in the U.S. and I think going and talking to Mike Mercandante *at* the Fire Station with all our gear sort of reassured him. In fact we set a precedent and I’ll send the regulations he used off to North American Fire Arts so other groups in MA can point to it. The only part that will be sad for patrons is that you’ll probably have to stand to see the show since we have to put up a construction fence and have a 10’ around perimeter. He said
“But if you have a fire that gets out of control and goes to over 10X10 you’ll have to report it.” I was thinking ‘If I have a fire that size, *everyone* will know about it since that would be big enough to take out the FIRE TEAM.’ Heck of a finale, though ;-)

In other Fire News, we are confirmed for SCRF. Guess it’s going to three weekends so this means the fire team has to get bigger so we don’t (pun intended) burn people out. Freon is restocking the burn supplies, I’ll be buying (at the fireman’s suggestion) a large water extinguisher and a bigger chemical one. And since we had some serious patron stupidity last year-(Hey! If I lean on these open torches past where I’m allowed to sit, they could come down on me! Of course this same woman was smoking at the time…) we are talking about how to mark the stage, to really stress how stupid it is to cross the “line of death” we point out before the beginning of performances. My other favorite is the people who crossed the ditch, climbed the hill and stood BEHIND us on the stage. They moved pretty quick when Minyon strolled by with the 4ft flaming sword to speak with them.

Okay, enough run-on sentences. I’ll try to post more. Hope everyone’s Lent is illuminating and productively introspective.
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