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Meme: 6 odd things

Erg Tagged bywolf_nd_shadows

I have to list 6 odd things about me and then tag 6 others.

1. I have webbed toes

2. In Kindergarten I convinced my teacher that we had a mountain lion living in our urban tenement. Well enough that they sent the ASPCA.

3. I have met and conversed with an actual Knight of England - Dame Cleo Lane

4. I have such a high tolerance for pain that it has almost killed me because I can ignore serious injuries. But I'm a big baby about my head and hands.

5. I love the smell of gas and skunks

6. I despise the feel of newspaper, diner napkins and certain paper towels-it makes me gag.

I tag blue_micha, mystilafae,lilaneyj,morgan_lafaye,bluebeard_skull


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Apr. 10th, 2006 08:57 pm (UTC)
No tagging with foils!!
*Rubs Arm*

Okay,Okay here's mine...

1. I can cross my eyes, then, 'un-cross' one eye. So it looks like I have a lazy eye.

2. I can take any dirty comment and make a clean statement from it.

3. The two freckles across my shoulder blades make up the 'Second star to the right, and straight on till morning' from the sky.
I have Orion's Belt across the collar bone.

4.I think faster than I could ever speak or write. I normaly have about five things going on in my head, whilst speaking to others.

5. I can scale most buildings, I just have a hard time getting back down....

6. I do not like surprises at all! To the point that I cannot go to scare parks cause I made a zombie cry.

Apr. 10th, 2006 10:57 pm (UTC)
Okay but your gonna pay for tagging me...

1)I have a rare eye disorder, that prevents me from roling my eyes. Its called Brown's syndrome, My eyes are in dext books.

2)I have a mole in a very interesting place.""

3)I wish the grey hair coming in would do so in a streak so that I'd have a white line.

4)I do not like strippers as a "gift", have been known to walk out on my own B-day party.

5) I HATE closet doors being left open, creeped me out from childhood.

6) I have a big fear of abandonment, thus also commitment.
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